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20-Pack Cotton Replacement Filter - 1 Year Supply

HIGH QUALITY: The filter sticks are made of premium cotton to increase water absorption and ensure the normal work of our diffusers.
SAFE BREATHING: Changing your filters every 2-3 weeks or when using a new scent is important because naturally over time they will get filled with dust and particles that can clog the diffuser as well as be released into the air. Changing the filter ensures your air is pure and your diffuser works as it should.
WHEN TO CHANGE: We advise our customers to replace the filter after 2-3 weeks of use OR when a new fragrance/oil is used.
HOW TO USE: Please soak the cotton stick in water for 1 minute before use to make the cotton stick completely wet.
WHAT YOU GET: 20 Diffuser Cotton Replacement Sticks
UNIVERSAL FIT: Our replacement filters are sized to fit both of our diffusers

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